Waves Tune Real-Time: Use MIDI to set key (Scale Root)

I have a much needed feature for Waves Tune Real-Time. We are using it to correct pitch in a live situation and I need to be able to change the key or “Scale Root” as it’s called in the UI. The “MIDI INPUT / KEYBOARD” section allows me to play a reference note or set the target pitch of each note. I’m not sure how I’d use either one of these in a live situation, since I’m obviously not going to be playing every note that the vocalist is singing. However, I REALLY NEED to be able to change the key or “Scale Root” with a keyboard. What are the chances that this could be implemented sometime soon?



Hi @jeffpercival,

This can’t be done directly using MIDI, however, those settings are automatable, so they can be controlled using your DAW’s MIDI capability.

Using clips or snapshot changes.

What DAW are you working with?

I’m using Cubase 10.5.x. But I’m using it to mix a live environment for Broadcast. But in my opinion, it doesn’t matter what environment. The number one parameter change I need to be able to change in a Real-Time situation is to set the scale root or key. It’s strange to me that the plugin would provide the ability to set the target pitch of a single note or play a reference pitch, but not allow me to change the key. I’m not sure how or why you would use the functions that are provided for a MIDI keyboard in a Real-Time situation, but the ability to change the key is indispensable. Can this function be added to the feature requests?



Hi @jeffpercival,

The request is noted and will be evaluated :slight_smile:

That said, the Target Pitch and Reference Tone are also depending on the MIDI behavior and capability of the DAW, to receive the MIDI notes.

The Root and Scale are automatable- meaning that they are visible to the DAW and can be altered via the DAW’s automation options.

If you can control the automation live with a MIDI controller, then it could all come together.

I also suggest viewing our live applications:

Both could change Waves Tune Real-Time’s Root and Scale using premade snapshots.

The snapshots could be triggered with a Touchscreen, Mouse, Mackie controller (in LV1), or MIDI (in SuperRack).

Thank You!! If this functionality is added it would make my world considerably easier…and I think for anyone who’s using this plugin in a live context.

Thanks again!!


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