Waves Tune RT Midi input

If I was to connect my guitar through a midi interface to the computer running my DAW with Waves Tune RT would I be able to have the plug in automatically select the right scale for the pitch correction as I played?
Also if in the DAW I had a backing track, could I have Tune RT pick up the scale of that automatically?

Hi @SpeedyMusic777

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Regarding midi with Waves Tune real-time, it is possible to use midi to control the vocal, but I will be able to assist better if you will reply with the DAW that you are using.

Regarding the backing track, WTRT needs to be open on the track that you use the plugin on for the plugin to receive the information (the notes).
For example, if the backing track is a beat with a lot of elements, WTRT will not be able to pull the right notes as it will do with a vocal track only.

I hope this information will help.

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