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Is anyone else having trouble having tune real time pick up during recording? I’ve made sure the input monitoring is on as directed, but still it’s a no go. Any other suggestions?

Try posting a screenshot so we can see how you have it configured. :wink:

Photo attached

Also, is there any way to get someone on the phone who may be able to walk me thru this?

I see a few issues that may prove to be problem for you.

First one is you have it inserted as a Duo Mono plugin, thats what that L R close to the top is indicating. Here the Left side is selected, but the Couple isnt engaged which means the right side would most likely have a completely potentially different setting giving you different results.

What is it that you are recording?? Because if it is voice, then you would want to consider using a Mono channel strip, this one is currently stereo and assigned to In 1-2. In the case of using mics this generally means that one side will be working while the other doesn’t. This could introduce other problems.

Another issue is your actual setting. Right now you have the Speed and Note Transition cranked up which means it will be slow to respond to the input and slow to change from one note to the next. Can I suggest reducing them both to the minimum, that will give you a hard quantised sound (T-Pain effect) and then adjust them to taste from there.

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Ok, great, i’ve got it working well, Thanks for your assistance, it’s really appreciated. If i may, i have one more question: is there a way to automate the plug-in with key changes? i.e. if my lead vocal’s verse is in C major, then the chorus in Dm, is there a way to get the plug-in to follow along? Again, thanks in advance.

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Yeah sure, “Scale Root” should let you change the root note of your scale, “D” in your example.

“Scale Type” is how you select what kind of scale it is, maybe “Natural Minor” in your example. To be honest, though, there are quite few Minor scales to choose from including Harmonic & Melodic Minor, Dorian, Phrygian, Minor Pentatonic, etc. So it helps to know the exact scale you need…

Or you can just select “User Scale” as your scale type and enter the notes manually. :wink:

Thanks for providing us this awesome information.

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