Waves Tune Real Time Key Seleciton does not work with "Bypass note"

I have found that using “bypass” for non-diatonic notes sounds sooo much better than using illegal notes. I set up presents for each key using “bypass”. So far, so good.

The problem comes when I try to automate key changes or switch keys using a MIDI controller in a live context. My DAW can see and automate the scale root, but when I do that all of the “bypass” notes turn to “illegal” notes.

There are a few ways this could be implemented. Here are some ideas.

  1. For the “Scale Type” parameter, allow the user to save a few of their own user scales which include “bypass” notes. Then when the “Scale root” is changed, all of the correct “bypass” notes will still work

  2. Add the ability to load certain presents into automation slots that can be controlled by the DAW. For example load present “Mark F#m” into automation slot 7. Then the DAW can select which automation slot to load. There should be at least12 automation slots so all the keys can be represented, but ideally more so other types of scales could be included.

  3. Have a toggle somewhere to globally select whether non-diatonic notes are treated at “illegal” or “bypass”. Then when the scale root is changed by the DAW, this behavior remains in tact.


Harmony does something similar to your second point. So perhaps they can implement that into Tune RT??

One workaround for now might be to automate the plugin bypass of several Tune RT instances??