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I’m trying to pitch correct a vocal audio track in Cakewalk using Waves Tune. Below is a screen shot showing 2 problems that I am having.

Red circles - I selected D Major, and I put an X on the C# key, but it still scans a C# note. What am I missing? That note should be a D. I suppose I can drag it into place, but I thought the purpose of identifying the legal notes is so that the VST will do most of the work.

Blue circles - The app scanned in some notes/sounds that are way off pitch. Can I select those and delete them or do I have to drag them down beside the other notes?

This is my first time to pitch correct like this so I may not understand the principles involved. I tried to watch a How To video, but it didn’t cover this type of repair.

Hi @sgaines44,

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Please note that the ‘X’ symbol refers to Bypass and not to illegal note.
As mentioned in the Waves Tune User guide:

Bypass Note = Legal Note – Bypasses the fix (doesn’t fix the tuning.) Here, when the
input note is detected to be closest to this note, no pitch correction will take place.
However, if the input note is illegal and the legal note is the nearest grid note, then
correction will be applied to that note according to the other correction parameters.
(For instance, if D natural is bypassed and the singer sings a few cents above an illegal
C#, then the C# will be corrected to a D, even though D is bypassed.)

Now, If you have already played the part through Waves tune (recorded into it) and then you make some changes to the Scale/Root Note/Make a note Legal or illegal and etc. you’ll need to select the part you want to apply the changes to using the ‘Note Tool’, and click on the ‘Apply’ button.
image Note Tool

image Apply

To avoid getting notes out of your vocal range recognized, please choose the appropriate ‘Range’

Hope that answers your question

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