Waves Preferences Location?

Followed instructions on the Waves site when troubleshooting one of the plugins. Moved “com.apple.audiounits.cache” and “Wave Preferences” to the Desktop. The problem got resolved, but those two files are still on the Desktop and were not replaced/updated in the Library. What do I do to get them back to where they belong without disabling their functions?

Those files would have gotten rebuilt by the DAW/OS in their original location, so the files on your desktop you don’t actually need. You can delete them.

The reason why people tell you to drag it to the desktop is because it’s a location that is fast and accessible and its easily reversible should you need to drag them back. Just merely being in a different location means the computer won’t be able to find them and will be forced to rebuild them, hopefully fixing any issues you may have been having.

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Well, there they are! I had expected what you described, but when I looked for them I could not find them, which is why I posted my question. I have since restarted my Mac and wonder if that re-populated the files. In any case, thank you for taking the time to reply. All is working well now.

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It’s quite possible. Usually the DAW tends to create those files. It could be that they don’t get written until it closes down though. I would think it would be in the initial “rescan” in the case of Logic.

Whatever the case is its there and everything is working. That’s what matters. :wink: