How to delete plugins that I don’t need (macOS)

I have some plug-ins that I don’t need. I don’t want them to be displayed in my DAW. How can I delete them?
I have deleted a plug-in in /Applications/Waves/Plug-Ins V12, but it is still displayed in DAW. What should I do?
Also, I saw this instruction Uninstall Waves Products | Support | Waves and it mentioned that the Waves Preferences folder needs to be deleted. What is the main function of this folder? Can it be deleted?

In some DAWs you need to trigger a re-scan of the plugin folders for the list inside the DAW to get updated.

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Yes, I have re-scanned the plug-in folder in DAW (Ableton Live, Logic), but it still shows up. When just inserting the plug-in, it will prompt that the plug-in cannot be opened normally.
thank you!

Hm, then I am out of ideas. I can’t say much about the preference folder.

Uh, all right. Thank you very much!

Hi @ZGGRLMX and Welcome to Waves Forum :slight_smile:

Clearing the Preferences folder can sometimes indeed help.
To do so follow these steps:

  1. Quit Ableton.
  2. In Finder , click on the Go menu while holding down [Alt/Option] and click on Library .
  3. Go to Preferences and delete the Waves Preferences folder.
  4. Re-launch Ableton with a fresh session . If asked to locate the plug-ins folder, point it to:
    Macintosh HD > Applications > Waves > Plug-Ins V9/10/11/12 (according to the prompted window).

Good Luck!

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Oh, yes, I will try to do this.
Thank you very much!

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