Updating to v12.7


A quick question - I upgraded my plugins (at least I thought I did) to v12.7 and everything seemed to go fine, but it still says in Central that all my plugins are V12.0.0. Also under my account it also says that all my plugins are “Latest version”.

Is that correct?

Thanks in advance


Mine say 12.0 as well and I do not see the new menu system. I’m using Pro Tools 2020.12 and how do you know if the GUI fo SSL is new or not?

After updating, none of my Waves plugins (v11 or v12) appeared in Logic.

I had to use the Repair function in Waves Central to correct everything.

@Danek Waves Central reports my v12 plugins as being version 12.0.0, but if you click on the Waves icon in the plugin it shows as version 12.7

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Ah, yes - you’re right!

Thanks for pointing that out.


Anyone having issues with 12.7 in LIVE OSX. Not working for me. Worked previous version

12.7 doesn’t work right in Logic 10.6.1 and Live, other DAWs, etc. What seems to be the problem with this release?

Danek, what “repair” option. Where is that located in Waves Central?

My apologies for not being specific - I replied to ScottAudio12’s comment on plugin versions. As to the Repair function he’s referring to, it’s on the main Settings page in Waves Central. Haven’t had a reason to use it, so no idea how it works :slight_smile:


So I’ve used waves central to make sure I’ve only got V12.7 installed, repair, maintain etc, and still VST3 does not work in LIVE 11 Mac. Is it just me or are other seeing this for V12.7 Mac LIVE 11. Im on OSX 10.15.7

Installing any 12.7 plugin, and then using AU scan utility, finds Zero plugins. Any other Waves 12 version scans AU fine.

The update release today 3/7/21 still won’t load Audio Units on Macs.

Hi All. I’ve just updated to 12.7 and Waves Central shows that I only have V12 installed. However, when I checked my VST plugins location it now shows 6 entries: WaveShell1 …12.4, WaveShell1 … 12.5, WaveShell1 … 12.6, WaveShell1 … 12.7, WaveShell2 … 12.0, & WaveShell2 … 12.1. I own Mercury + Studio Classics, Abbey Road, Inspirational Instruments, and a couple of other ones so I may have more entries as a result. I’m using Harrison Consoles Mixbus 6 & Cakewalk by Bandlab DAW’s, all the plugins are working fine in both and if you check a particular plugin’s info it will tell you which version that particular plugin is using. NOT ALL the plugins have been updated to 12.7. Hope this clears thing up a bit.

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