Can't find my downloads? :-(

Thanks in advance for the help. :slight_smile: I’m new here, and so far I really love the plugins! However, I just purchased a few the other day and went through the steps to download and activate. Now I can’t find them anywhere! I’ve searched my “downloads” folder and I did an actual search on my computer. Has anyone else had this problem? I’m sure the solution is easy, I just haven’t figured it out yet. Thanks!

Hi @pennyeachus welcome to the Waves Forum :slight_smile:

The plugins are installed to the Waves main folder:

  • Mac - Mac HD > Applications > Waves
  • Windows - C:\Program Files (x86)\Waves

Note that those folders shouldn’t be scanned by your DAW, which should simply scan the supported plug-ins folder.

Make sure to follow the steps in this link to install and activate your products using Waves Central.

Once done restart your computer and rescan your DAW, as shown in one of these articles.

If any further assistance is needed, I suggest contacting our Tech Support team which will gladly assist.

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Of course it should be showing up in your DAW as a plugin(s). If they’re not listed there with the others try restarting the computer, especially if your on a Mac

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Hello man! im having the exact same problem. Did it work for you?