Waves plugins not recognised by Cubase after upgrade to V13

I am using V12 and V13 plugins. The V12 ones work fine, the V13 ones aren’t available in Cubase since the corresponding Waveshell is stuck on the Cubase blacklist for incompatible/unrecognisable plugins. I tried putting the .vst3 file in various locations, sadly without any progress. I also cleaned up my Waves Central and reinstalled it and tried different Waveshell loactions.

A weird sideonote is that the path of the Waveshell’s location on the Cubase blacklist is shown like this:
C:/Program Files/Common Files/VST3
The backslashes are the wrong way.
I got several other plugins on the blacklist which are old 32 bit plugins and therefore not compatible anymore, but their path is displayed correctly with “” instead of “/”.

I’ve read that there are several issues after upgrading to V13, so I thought I might not be the only one with this particular issue (or someone even figured out a solution already).

Is Cubase up to date? Because that may be one cause for this kind of issue.

The path is a blacklist bit of an odd thing, though, I don’t suspect it would be the issue. If anything Cubase wouldn’t be blacklisting it because the slashes are the wrong way around.

Contacting Waves Tech Support is probably the best approach for this problem.

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I got Cubase on its latest version and in contact with the Waves support.
Unfortunately we haven’t found a solution, yet.

You must have them a bit stumped then. Have you tried deleting as many preferences as you can find, specifically related to Cubase and their blacklist??

I cleared everything I could find. Maybe I missed a crucial part, but then it’s hidden very well.
I also contacted the Steinberg support with the error file I received when trying to reactive the Waveshell from the Cubase Blacklist. It seems that there are several issues with these plugins/Waveshell right now regarding the language of the operating system. Non-english operating systems (mine’s in german) could make some difficulties.

Ah yes. I have heard of a few small issues existing for non-English speaking systems. Perhaps your issue falls into this category too.

The best you can do is make them aware of the issue and hopefully they will fix it before long. It would make sense for them to give an issue like this some attention as it could affect other international users as well.

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Hi @Svb3 and Welcome to Waves Forum :slight_smile:

As Simon has mentioned - in case of non-English characters in the OS account name - issues as such might occur. The workaround in those cases would be opening a new, administrative account on your operating system, and running Waves Central through that account.
However I would advise troubleshooting this case with our Tech Support team further.

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tried this fix for my problem… Didn’t work…

What OS is everyone running?? Long shot, but is it perhaps a Win11 issues?? or perhaps your system is non 64-bit??

Windows 10
My system is running 86 bit and functioning at 64 bit

Hi @casperbraendstrup ,

In case the workaround didn’t work, feel free to contact our Tech Support department. They will be more than happy to get you up and running with your plugins.

Hi, I having the same issues with Steinbergs Nuendo…All former Waves plugins is working fine , not V 13. Ends up as unknown in blacklist, waiting for more help from Waves support after had tried to solve it the usual ways…

Well technically its not 86 bit, thats actually 32-bit. The 86 refers to the processor numbers that were given these 32-bit chips originally. Not that its important.

So your system seems to be working with both, Apple has already dropped support for 32-bit since Big Sur. I’d make sure that your DAW is actually working and operating in 64-bit. If not, that could be the cause of the issue.

The Supportguy Checked my DAW via remote, But the problem persist.

How about your Nuendo, is that actually installed and running in 64-bit??

I had to create a new Windows account, I have a non english letterin my account that messed it up…
It really seems towork in the new account, but… I have to do everything again regarding tweaks in Windows,Nuendo, every password, and so on… no fun.

So… try to create a new account with only english letters …


Oh right, I did hear that non-English characters can cause an issue. Pity I didn’t make the connection.

I’m sure they’ll be working on a fix for it, but at least you have a temp solution.

Had to reinstall everything else…but after 10 hours it is up and running…watch out for the non english letters…

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Den tors 13 jan. 2022 12:16Simon A Billington via Waves Community Forum <waves@discoursemail.com> skrev:

It was the ö in your name, wasn’t it?!? :upside_down_face:

Yes! I did not realize that it was the WINDOWS account that was mentioned thought it was the computor ID… gaahh