Waves plugins make Cubase crash... since yesterday

I have a big problem.
Since yesterday, all my Waves plugin are acting weird.

When I insert, for example, a Kramer Pie Compressor, the knobs and plug’s GUI start blinking randomly, sounds is ok, but eventually, when I dismiss the plugin, Cubase crashes and closes. I don’t get any error message.

If I don’t touch anything on the plugin, it crashes later during the session.
But nothing happens when I use other plugins than Waves. (which is a problem, since I’m using only Waves plugins :)…)

I use Cubase LE AI Elements 8 on Windows 10. Everything is legit, no crack at all.
Never had a bug before.

Now, the ONLY change that I made on my configuration before this problem is that I installed Ableton Live Trial on the PC.
Tested it for a few hours. Since then, Waves plugins make Cubase crash…
Tried to uninstall Ableton but it didn’t solve the problem.

PS : this computer has no internet connexion, no viruses, I don’t use it to browse the internet, etc. it gets connected only when I have to install a plugin, then disconnected.

Can someone help me with that please ?
Thank you very much.

Hi @julienbrasart,
some Installers overwrite/update shared DLLs in common windows directories.
So the first thing I would try is to re-install the Waves plugins.