Waves old soundgrid Impact server

My Impact server seems to be over heating, though fans are running perfectly. The system is dissipating too much heat. The super rack server icon is showing 80’ C. Any advice ??

@saharty :slight_smile:

We advise having 1U space above and below the unit for proper air ventilation.

In case of working in very hot environments-

  • Make sure the unit is located outside of direct sunlight and away from other devices that might be producing heat
  • Add external fans or other cooling solutions to assist the internal fans cool the unit

If that is not the case and the unit is still overheating I suggest reaching out to our Tech Support team to advise accordingly.

hi Omry

Are you going to make new servers? v4
Processors that do not require heat and at reasonable prices?
New processors from Intel Evo tigerlake for laptops
It does not require fans, its sound is annoying and does not drain heat
Also, the price of the current servers is very high, what are your future steps?
Everyone I know makes the servers manually because the servers are very expensive and their sound is annoying

thank u

Waves should make M1 chip servers.OR at least ARM severs

What do you guys think about it?

yeah arm is the future
m1 is especially for apple product … apple will not sell it for waves
waves can take from QUALCOMM
Microsoft also developed a processor in partnership with them (surface pro X with sq1 , sq2 QUALCOMM procesor )

if waves develop processor with QUALCOMM Nobody can make their own server
And Waves will protect itself

But I hope the price is reasonable and the performance is high and not annoying
Also Intel tiger lake Evo is a good choice

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I think it’s going to be a bit before we see a non Apple ARM chip that can even come close to the performance of Intel’s chips. Qualcomm has said they have something in development though. I do agree that ARM is probably the future. Intel’s chips are fast but without shrinking the die size, they are becoming inefficient and harder to cool in a small form factor. Apple has proven that ARM is able to scale up to desktop performance levels while retaining their efficiency.


Hi Guys,

Thank you for your inputs here, they are all noted :blush:

We are always working on improving our SG devices, which are at our top priority.
That said, I don’t have info regarding future releases or any ETA.

Note that our latest versions of servers have a fan control mechanism that is dependent on CPU and temperature.

It is indeed not silent, however, running sessions not overloaded with CPU, keeping proper air ventilation flow, and the unit in cool environments will improve the fans’ behavior.

If those are still noisy, since servers can be placed up to 10m from the SG network switch, we suggest placing them far from your sound monitoring station, to avoid that from interfering with your work.

thanks omry …

It is really loud and the price is high
A lot of people make servers in illegal ways, I’m not one of them and I won’t be
But please pass on our feedback
good luck

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