New Waves servers V4

Do you have a plan to introduce new types of servers, for example, a server that is less noisy with a powerful processor and a reasonable price for everyone?

I see that many people make their own servers and play them on Soundgrid
I do not like this unlegal method, but as I noticed that the servers that they customize are less noisy and much cheaper and they work without any problems

i want to see intel tigerlake EVO servers its made for thiny laptop and good performance and i think no noise with this type of CPUs

generally i dont know too much which cpu better but i still want solution for price and noise and same good performance that in the EXTREME SERVER or better

i want to know if any plan r coming ?

I thought there was a DSP card in the server? Not sure how people are duplicating that when they roll their own servers?

There are many topics that enable you to create your own server. In fact, I am not interested and I want to hear from the forum moderators about whether there is something new that is suitable, because the prices are very high compared to the specifications

@jhayes A soundgrid server is basically a standard PC running a special linux version. The Intel CPU is used as the DSP.

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