Digigrid iox or ios xl

I would like to purchase new products for my studio
it is a live studio, and home studio
I meeting with music band and we sing and record. we are 8 musician

i saw StudioRack in YouTube videos and I was very impressed by it
I would like to manage and control + recording on my LAPTOP and I expect it to have a fair amount of power…

my plan is to buy IOX and test it individually if it was able to activate the plugins with LOW LATENCY … !

But will I need a waves server ? (IOS XL)
its quiet ? fan noise ?

The future plan to buy IOS XL and connect it with IOX
(Of course, if you recommend me this plan).

I saw some people they have only 2 IOX and connect them to each other without a server

i dont know if this is possible with plugins.? LOW LATENCY

I want to use in every channel maybe 3, 4 plugins only Reverb , Delay , Eq , Cla , SSL , auto tune

My studio room is 12 Metter length I have 2 loudspeaker and one Monitor

Hi @ehabmxd,

Using SoundGrid Interfaces without a Server enables you to network and route signals across various IOs and drivers.For processing sound while recording with Low latency, yes you will need a server.

The servers do have fans and are not silent. I would not recommend installing it in the same space you record in.

Thank u a lot Yishai

Very beautiful
I know that there are fans for cooling and they are not completely silent, but there are less noise types than the rest, and this is what I want.
I found it on Thomman Website : Server One V3, but I did not find it on your main site.
Is the third version the latest thing, and is it the less fan noise than other servers?

Or what are your suitable suggestions for my situation?

1- IOX with the proposed server, and later will buy a new IOX to join the group
2- IOX + IOS XL.?

The third version is not does not have a different level of fan noise AFAIK.

I would suggest IOX +IOX XL yes.

What operating system / version of plugins do you have?

Very soon we will be releasing an update for SoundGrid Studio which will make this setup a beast.

Thank you, you are making a great effort in this forum I read a lot of your topics and responses in the forum

Actually, I am very new, I haven’t bought any additional plugins yet, and I don’t know which components are compatible
Also, I don’t know when you immediately support 4K screen, i tried some free trial on cubase is not working good so my only screen is 4k. If I buy the plugins now, can I update it? When you support higher resolution Actually, I don’t know what wave system is exactly or I don’t understand it

My operating system is windows 10
DAW : Cubase

In the beginning, I was thinking frankly of buying a mini mobile server+IOX, and then after period buying a second mobile server with another IOX.
i will use them for live performance with Cubase as mixer
16 channel 5 plugins for every channel the total is 80-90 plugins
for one session maybe more in the future
But after question that I asked you i learned waves do not allow the use of two servers at the same time
I am afraid to work with one server and then resort to selling it. I am afraid that my needs will increase and this small server becomes cant handle more.

That is why I expect that I would buy IOX + IOS XL especially since you recommended this

What is the compatible bundles, which recommends that you buy to Live and be compatible with StudioRack?

I just want it
SSL, abbeyroad chamber, Hdelay, Cla, some eqs
PuigTec EQs, DeEsser, API, Compressor

Do you advise a specific thing, do you advise that to buy each one alone, or is there a specific bundle?
Do you advise me to wait to see the new update?
any advice on my case?
Will the new update support 2 servers at the same time?

Sorry to bother you
Thanks a lot again

Very soon we will be releasing an update for SoundGrid Studio which will make this setup a beast.

When should we expect an actual release date?
Is the release of the update delayed by COVID-19 related issues?

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I have answered you questions here.

@ehabmxd, please focus your posts and queries in one topic, you are all over the forum with the same posts!

All I can provide is Q2 of 2020, which we are already in, so … very soon.

No, we are working full-force on this release.

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