DIY SoundGrid Server. Is it acceptable?

I was wondering if there is an official position on building a server with your own hardware? I realize it’s not supported at this point, but maybe it could/should be? Is it a license violation of use, or simply at your own risk?

Sure, Waves makes a little on the machines, but it’s got to be a bigger deal to sell the plugs than be a hardware vendor. Why not sell a software license for a server and let us run it on whatever hardware we can afford? Running Native is an option, but its not the same as the skinny syslinux OS build on the official servers at achieving the low latency needed for live sound. In addition, not everyone is a touring sound engineer. Some are in the studio and could benefit from a quieter system that could be accomplished with a larger case and cooling setup.

I already own a SG extreme Server V3r1 that I purchased new a few years ago, which I have since rebuilt in a cube PC case with a 200mm case fan and a huge air cooler. I have lowered the idle temp by almost 20 degrees, and I cant hear it run at all! The 2U rack case it came in was too loud to use in a studio without isolation in a far away room. Building my own SG server would be simple, but I dont want to violate any license by doing so.

In addition, it’s tough to buy another SG Server when they are not even shipping until June 2022.