Impact Server C - fan replacement

Hi all,
Only just discovered the forums here. Brilliant.

Has anyone here changed out the fan in the Impact Server C? Would love to see if I can make this unit a bit quieter.


Hi - yes I only just discovered this forum too - great!
I read somewhere you can control the speed of the fan in the BIOS - pending on your server load it might be worth pinging Support an email to see if they can explain how. Might be easier that swapping out fans. All the best

Mmm, yes, interesting. Will have to investigate.

Hello, indeed the fan is pretty loud.
i replaced mine by a noctua fan. It displaces more air and is quiet.
After that the standard intel boxcooler was the loudest fan, so replaced that with a more serious one.

did the same in my server one

regards Rob

Cheers Rob,
Just had a look at the “range” of Noctua fans… My word, there are many!!
Any suggestions on a particular suitable model for the WAVES servers?


hello Matt,

For the 60 by 60 mm fans i used NF-a6x25-flx

this is the foto from my serverOne, i don’t know the type of the fan on the procUnit by heart

regards Rob

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Thanks very much for this. (and yes, Yishai, I totally understand WAVES stance on this, however, mine is long out of warranty in any case. Just want to make it more suitable for the quiet control room.)

Hi All,
@mattrixx / @Sunnyrob / @RhodriMorgan

Waves does not condone, recommend, offer or support any modification to its server’s BIOS or hardware or any Waves hardware in general. Any such modification will void the warranty.


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