Waves licenses on the same SSD with projects

Hi everyone,
I’m preparing to move my licenses to an USB drive, because I will be moving from my studio computer to my laptop this month.
I was thinking if its a good idea to move my waves license files to the same ssd where I have my audio and video projects.
its a good idea? its recommended? or is a better idea to have them on a different USB drive for any reason?

Hi @pabloakalinc,

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Having your Waves licenses on a USB device will enable you to switch between computers or use your licenses on different computers without the need to deactivate or activate your licenses by launching Waves Central.

You can move your licenses between computer and USB as many times as you wish, so this can be changed according to your specific use case.

Personally I prefer to have my licenses on a USB flash drive allowing me to use my plugins on any computer that has Waves installed on.

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Putting waves files on the same drive you need for your projects or sound libraries is a great idea my opinion. Because you can’t exactly make music without those and it simplifies the need for some kind of special “USB dongle” style of drive.

You just need to be mindfull of what format your drive is in.