Move licenses to usb sample drive?

HI there. i currently have my waves licenses on my system drive on my mac desktop. when i use my macbook on the go i have to start up waves central on my desktop, deactivate, then start waves central on my macbook, and activate, then move my sample external SSD from desktop to my macbook.
the whole process is very cumbersome and i wish i could just have the waves licenses stored on my sample SSD so all i have to do would be to unplug the sample ssd from desktop, plug into my macbook and BOOM, all my samples and also waves licenses are now connected to macbook ready to go.
is this possible?

Hi @mikhail.kofman,

Welcome to the Waves Forum.

You can most definitely Move Your Licenses To A USB Flash Drive(not SSD) to facilitate the transition between different computers.

We do not recommend nor support using external HD or SSD drives although they might work.
In addition since those drives tend to be of a large size (around 1TB) this will slow the loading time of your sessions as the DAW will need to scan for the licenses in a 1 TB size HD or more depending which one you own.

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