Install Waves plugins on USB drive?

I am wondering if I can install Waves plugins to a USB drive, and also keep my licenses there. That way I could have my plugins on the drive if I go to another location.

Thoughts? Thanks.

After a little more thought on this I realized that a DAW on another system would need to point to a specific USB drive for it to find those plugins (rather the WaveShell would have to point there), which wouldn’t likely be the case.

So maybe a better option is to copy the Waveshell vst and the Waves plugin files to the USB drive, then dump the plugins to the standard Waves plugin files folder, and the WaveShell to the host vst folder. Then run Waves Central to get the licence.


Hi There Lahatte,

Waves plug-ins have to be installed to your System Drive - That’s why Waves Central will not allow you to ‘pick’ an installation location…

Copying the WaveShell VST files alone will not do -
In order to use the plug-ins on any other computer, the products will need to be installed…

If you are on-the-go with a USB Drive and want to work with your Waves plug-ins on whatever machine you are on,
I suggest the following:

  1. Activate the licenses to a USB Drive.
  2. Create an Offline Installer file for your plug-ins, so you can carry it on your USB Drive.

Let me know if that helps, so I can make further suggestions accordingly.

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Nice. I didn’t know about the installer. Thanks.

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