Waves - Kindly fix RAM issue on all your sample based products-Rhapsody + Electric 88

I have enjoyed using Rhapsody (Acoustic Fazioli Piano samples) and Electric 88 (an elecroacoustic piano sample) i.e. a Rhodes.

I think they represent very good examples of the designers perspective of these instruments.

To their credit, I think the samples were done very well.

Only one issue which is well discussed at the thread below. They have a sample loading algorithm which causes them to use more memory (RAM) the longer you play them, until you completely run out of RAM, and have to close your DAW or restart the computer. Which is a bit of an annoyance, and it also makes it dicy to trust these plugins for use on a live stage, or a music rehearsal, cos you do not know when the plugins will stop working due to the memory issue above.

In over 20 years of using plugins, this is the 1st time I have experienced such extraordinary use of RAM by any plugin.

Waves, please fix these plugins, which I love and would really appreciate the comfort of not having to restart them every hour or two. Its not just my opinion, there are at least two people on this thread on gearslutz that confirm the memory issue which applies to both version 9 and 10 and are also present on both WIndows and Mac, so it should be easy to fix, cos its something common to all these plugins. i.e you fix it in once place and recompile and all of them are fixed.

Waves, in future please test all your plugins for this bug, before releasing them… I do appreciate you are relatively new to the large sampling instruments, but that should not be an excuse for letting this one slip.

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