Waves CR8 Sampler HUGE RAM use!

Hi ! I noticed that my PC has begun to have a hard time playing a session as my RAM usage was litteraly exploding …

On a new project, I loaded up an instance of CR8 and noticed the same thing! CR8 uses 1GB of RAM for every BLANK instance! How is that possible? There is not even a sample being loaded there and my Ryzen computer is to its knees !!!

My setup is
Windows 10 (up to date)
Ryzen 2700x, 48gbRAM, SSD etc etc…
Reaper6 (latest version)
MOTU audio, UAD, etc etc…

Thanks for any help !


If it were loaded with a sample I’d understand, without that doesn’t seem right. Unfortunately, I’m not in front of my computer st the moment where I can cross reference on Logic/Mac.

It might be worth contacting support and query them about it as it may turn out to be a bug.