Waves Harmony plug in support needed

Hi I’ve managed to download and install and validate Waves Harmony, however I can’t find it in my plug in list in Logic Pro X, but it sys its there in Plug in manager.
Any ideas?

Hi @singingpete,

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Since the Harmony plugin is a stereo only plugin and does not exist as a Mono Component please make sure to create a Stereo Track then try and import it from your plugin list, it should now show up once inserted from a Stereo track

This might be a guess but since Logic default option is to create a Mono Track I hope this will solve the issue.

If not please Contact Technical Support for further assistance.

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Also make sure there are no “mono” plugins placed before it, this will also make the stereo plugins inaccessible. Although, if you hold in option while clicking on the insert it should show both mono and stereo format plugins.

You also may need to use Harmony on an instrument strip if you want to send it midi note information. The actual vocal source would have to be set up in the side chain. It’s a bit of a problematic approach, but this is due to Logic’s limitation, not Harmony’s.

Hopefully Apple will address the way it hands this kind of thing some time in the near future.

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