SSL EV2 no stereo plug in?

Hi all,

Suddenly my SSL EV2 plug in is only available in mono - I have updated
to the latest version of Logic Pro - and now only mono is available.

Any good advice ?

Hi @franne500,

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In order to load a stereo component plugin from Waves you must insert it from a Stereo track only.
Trying to load a Waves plugin from a Mono track will only show the available Mono components.

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First, make sure the channel configuration to the top left of the channel strip is set to stereo. Logic uses this information to determine whether to use stereo or mono instances.

Also make sure that no mono plugins are preceding SSL EV2, Logic will always go by the preceding plugin in the chain to choose the channel format. This will overrule the configuration setting at the top. Incorrect format plugins can sometimes happen by copying from a mono track and dragging it into spot on a stereo track. The reverse is also true.

Some times you want to force a mono channel strip into stereo, or visa versa for whatever reason. You can do this by holding in option when you open the plugin list.

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