GarageBand and plugins V11 - no mono option, only stereo


At the moment I use Catalina and GarageBand as the only DAW.
My Waves plugins show up only as stereo (s), regardless of track being mono or stereo, even if they are the only plugin for this track.

I just cannot see any mono versions on the list.

I reinstalled and reinitialise plugins per instructions by Waves tream - no change.

I just checked simple and free Audacity editor and mono plugins DO SHOW UP there :slight_smile:

So they are installed, I just cannot get them to show in GarageBand.



I can confirm this as well, however, they work perfectly fine on Logic as well. The more dug into this issue the more I’m starting to think its actually a limitation of Garageband, not Waves.

Maybe it’s worthwhile logging in some feedback at Apple.


Thanks for taking the time to reply! Yeah, there’s something to it, as you say, looks like a GB issue.
I have recently reinstalled my Mac and will be trying other DAWs, soon.



I can confirm “mono” versions are visible in Logic.
So there is something between GB and Waves…


Garage band indeed loads only Stereo components of Waves/ other 3rd party plugins and runs mono inputs through them.

Since some of Waves plugins has only a Mono component (DeBreath/ PRS for example), in order to insert a mono-component onto a track, try the following:

  1. Open a new track with a mono input - it will load with two default mono plugins. Compressor and EQ.

  2. Replace the Compressor with any mono component.

  3. Drag the mono plugin to the desired insert slot.

Hah, perfect!!! You’re the man - thanks!

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