Mono Stereo Issue

So Waves have two separate versions of their plugins that look like two independent plugins (mono and stereo ones), rather than two versions of the one, which is just ridiculous (the list of plugins is twice longer) and this creates issues. For example: in Logic Pro if you load a plugin on a mono channel and then add a stereo region, the channel becomes stereo and the plugin is not converted to stereo, it’s converted to DUAL MONO. So you have to look for the plugin again, now the stereo one. Every normal plugin manufacturer has it the other way. Waves please fix this.

Its been this way for ever. I believe the weak link was ProTools originally, way, way back.

It’s remained that way, however, for backwards capability so people could open 30 year old projects and the plugins would still work, as long as they have a valid license. It’s for this reason its still done this way today.

I don’t think it will be going away as they would have done it already.