Waves ssl bus compressor plugin shows up in plugin manager but doesn't show up on a track fx slot logic pro x

Just as the title says. I downloaded the demo authorized through Waves Central (12.0.11) Restarted my Mac.Opened Logic (10.5.1)and used the plugin manager. But when I go to the main window and use the FX on a track theses no trace of it. What gives? Yes the channel is in stereo. Yes. I have several Waves plugs that work fine.

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@theDMF Hi, Thanks for joining our forum :slight_smile:

Something looks incorrect in the names of the plug-ins.
This might require a restart of Logic, making sure the LPX session is in sample rate of up to 96Khz.
It may also be solved by following the How to Find Your Plugins in Logic Pro X article.
If all these suggestions don’t work, I suggest contacting Waves tech support regarding this issue.