Please reduce RAM footprint of an empty instance of CR8

Please see in the support forum under “Waves CR8 Sampler HUGE RAM use!” for more details:

Basically an empty instance of CR8 takes up about 1GB of ram. You can compare this to Kontakt that takes up less than 100mb on my system but still has the facility for many, many more samples to be loaded than CR8.

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You’re not the first person to notice this actually. I’ve seen some other guys mention it elsewhere on here too.

I think it might just be worth it if additional instances of CR8 don’t add much to that 1GB, but apparently that’s not the case. It’s very easy to run out of memory headroom with multiple instances.

Thanks for your support. Yep I tried with additional instances and they also use an extra chunk of ram. Shame cos it’s a really nice sampler to use. Back to Kontakt for the moment which is clumsy in comparison (for certain tasks anyway)

Kontakt 7 is just about out. Here’s hoping the UI is a bit more clear and intuitive. I’ve been holding out on sampling with it as Logic’s Sampler and CR8 as they are better in that department.

Kontakt could also do with streamlining custom interfaces.

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Thanks . Yes let’s hope so. I don’t see much interaction here from Waves so I’m not sure our FR’s will get anywhere :frowning: