🎁 COSMOS AI-Powered Sample Finder! CR8 Creative Sampler!

NEW! :fire: CR8 Creative Sampler + 2500 FREE samples!

We’re excited to present TWO new releases!

COSMOS Sample Finder: FREE!

CR8 Creative Sampler

Introducing COSMOS - AI-Powered Sample Finder

Introducing COSMOS - AI-Powered Sample Finder
Includes 2500 Free Samples!

Your samples are a creative treasure.
But only if you can find the right ones – fast.

COSMOS brings ALL the one-shots and loops on your hard drive into one easy-to-search place, and accurately auto-tags them using AI. Now you can quickly find the samples you need by instrument, key, BPM, and even musical characteristics like brightness and dynamics.

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Introducing CR8 - Creative Sampler

Introducing CR8 - Creative Sampler

Includes COSMOS + 2500 free samples

The Waves CR8 sampler takes everything fun and exciting about sampling, and puts it all inside a fast, easy workflow.

• 8 sample layers you can stack or split

• 5 stretching algos for Voice, Beats & more

• Easy Loop, Reverse & Freeze

• Auto-sync instantly to Key & BPM

• Add color & movement with LFOs & ADSRs

• COSMOS Sample Finder included

• 800+ sampler presets included

$34 99

Limited-time intro

Only $999

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What an exciting release! Waves has never done anything like this before and this sampler looks like it strikes a perfect balance between being easy & fun to use and power/complexity.

This was an instant-purchase for me, and the intro price is much appreciated. The post says “Only $999” — I was happy to discover it was only $9.99! =)

I look forward to trying the sample browser, too. This is such an exciting direction for Waves – I hope we see a percussion sampler in the future, maybe something easy and powerful like SITALA except with Waves’s UI finesse & FX processing. Also, a loop slicer. There’s so much to explore.

Anyhow, CR8 looks awesome and I expect it’s a plugin I’ll use on every song. Waves, “making sampling fun again!” I can’t wait to dig into the modulation options…!

just tried it out! Really cool. I noticed that in legato mode with 1 voice and glide you get clicks while gliding between two notes. (e.g. with 808 slides) Hope this will get fixed soon.

Thanks! Great product!

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I’m really excited with this, it’s nearly perfect, however I could use some extra stereo outputs.

It’s called CR8 - it should be 8 layers - 8 assignable Stereo Outs in the mixer - logic! :wink:

As for Cosmos, it shouldn’t start scanning folders before the first boot. I have multiple hard drives with my production archive. Cosmos is basically scanning every vocal, guitar, drum take, stems, masters, impulse responses, downloaded podcasts, etc, from my archive. I don’t need those wavs catalogued but will have to wait godknows how much time before I can exclude them from the database. And even if it catalogues everything, it will most likely be a mess because the large majority of it shouldn’t be there in the first place. For now, it’s been scanning for nearly one day with no signs of stopping. :confused:

EDIT: nearly 24hr later, no login page, just this:

I’m about to give up.

COSMOS has so much potential but it needs work before those of us with large sample libraries can use it reliably.

I lost the entire evening trying to get it to scan my samples. At some point it would stop and look finished, but it was nowhere near finished and when I would restart it, it would start scanning from the very beginning.

So I tried with a reduced library of just 5% of my samples and it couldn’t get through that successfully, either. Same issue – it would appear finished, but wasn’t, and then it would re-start from scratch when I reopened it.

Some other issues — it really needs drag and drop folder support. For my first try I pointed to my sample folder… But that was too much. So I started linking folders manually… But I have 220 folders.

My total sample library is just shy of 400,000 samples. Yeah, that’s a lot… But XO could handle it with no problem. I know Waves’s AI is FAR deeper, which is cool, but I was having problems when I reduced it down to just 20k samples which someone with even a few sample libraries would easily hit.

Some additional feedback would be helpful for the user. Is it stopping on a certain file? Is there a total sample limit? What exactly is happening?

Regarding the AI, I would give up some of the sorting features if it would be more stable. The basic galaxy view would be enough, if I could see all my samples… But I need an easy option to choose which libraries are included. The switches on the side are too slow to react, and again – drag and drop isn’t supported, and manually clicking every library to add is a burden.

I do like the simplicity of it, though… What the product intends to be is perfect! So I’m sure it’ll get there eventually. As a general rule Waves products are the MOST stable I’ve ever used so this is unusual.

No issues with CR8, though! It has been working very well for me so far. It’s now my go-to sampler.

Hi, I bought CR8, I went to the Wave center and I got the license and installation, everything ok, but I can’t find it in the pc.
I had already installed Cosmos, which I can use instead.
Can you help me, please ?

not working in Windows 10 just says looking for sample data for hours doesnt connect to anything. anyone else with same problem

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did it ever stop scanning

I gave up after 24+ hours scanning. Might try again sometime in the future but for now it is not a priority for me.

Hey all, I just listened to a chat at the Waves Discord between MichaelPA and one of the CR8/Cosmos developers (can’t remember name, sorry.)

They took questions, and one person asked if there was a maximum number of samples Cosmos could handle. They said they tested with “hundreds of thousands” and while there may be a limit, they haven’t actually hit it.

So I’m giving Cosmos another shot. My library has 220 folders and 400k samples. I’ll report back in a couple days on how it works out.

Hi all.
Firstly, thank you Waves for a really nice sample tool - and CR8 too.
I have about 60k samples and COSMOS has taken a long time (24 hours) but did get through it all.
I would love it if it would support Apple CAF loop files too - then my entire sample library would be in one place.
I find the sample navigation on the left a little odd to work with. The primary action is ‘de-select’ rather than select, when you click a sample folder. I would like to be able to easily select just that folder on selection and then toggle back to all (or the previous selection) more easily. Perhaps Collections will help with this - I have not got into that yet.
I was surprised that I could not add multiple folders at once - each one had to added individually, or else as a single folder with sub-folders, which is less useful within COSMOS.

It would be nice to have a ‘Random’ button too - that just sorted the list randomly. This would help to inspire by digging out random samples from the depths of your library.

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Same Problem with the Connection to Database Issue.
Install, uninstall, deleting every Folder manually and installed again, still not working.

Hi @deathrow4 @MIDI_Geek
The COSMOS scanning process involves multiple algorithms (WNN) applied to each sample.
This helps us detect the instrument type, extract information on the audio character, musical traits, BPM, key etc.*

Now, with large folders, it does take a long time… yet if it fails the best option is to contact our support team right away and they can troubleshoot your system to find the issue and offer a solution.

Thanks Yishai, I’ll drop them a line.

So it seems like CR8 should have the ability to trigger voices on and off, for loop mode? If I’m using a loop, I want to be able to start it and stop it using a key and not have to trigger it every measure?