CR8 should NOT reset settings when you replace a sample


often I work with samples of similar sound, but maybe different mic positions or slightly different timbre and I load one sample to start with, tweak the settings but then I want to try the other samples.
The annoying thing about CR8 is, when you drag&drop a new sample, it resets the settings to default.

Also, another issue I find, in my DAW (Reaper) you can create channel templates, which load a new track with certain plugins pre-configured. With CR8, this is impossible, given that it will always change its settings to default anyway once I load a sample.

I’m talking about NOT resetting any Tune, Fine, Loop, Filter-Type, Cutoff, Resonance, Drive, Speed, Width, Pan, Vol, Mode, Scheme, Sync, Transients, Unison, Flatten.

Please Waves, change this behaviour.

Hi @chief

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What you’re describing above might occur when loading a non-supported format of Waves in Reaper.

Only VST3 should be loaded when using Waves in Reper other formats like VST, and AU if you’re on a MAC might load but will cause various issues such as you described.

If you load CR8 as VST3 in Reaper and the issue still occurs I suggest to Contact Technical Support and they will be able to troubleshoot the issue properly.

Hi @Adi.Waves

Thanks for your reply. Funnily enough, the reason why I raised it as a feature request is due to me first contacting Waves support. They say this is by design and that I should raise an FR, to be considered for future releases. I find this quite an odd behaviour to be by design. Why would you reset all settings when a sample is replaced, that doesn’t add up.

I am loading VST3 format only when using CR8. Waves also suggested, as a workaround, to use the copy/paste feature, but still doesn’t work either, as copy/paste also copies the sample. When you load another sample and then paste the settings, the sample is set back to the previous sample. Quite odd.

So I’m hoping to get some traction on this FR to make, in my opionen, CR8 an even better sampler :wink:

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Thank you for the feedback.

I was under the impression everything resets even after saving a setting, loading a new sample should by design reset to default, but I understand the feature request for the specific use case you brought up and will make sure to pass it for consideration.

There is a squiggly line to the top left of the sample pane. If you hover over it the help in the bottom left corner should display "Swap Mode.

If it is set to Off the parameters will reset every time you drag in a new file. If it is On it should be highlighted in orange and the parameter settings should be preserved when you call up a new file. This gives the user access to both options depending what they need at any given time.


Thank you @simon.a.billington greatly for this. I guess I wasn’t reading the manual careful enough.
That’s exactly what I was looking for, now I can turn it on and swap samples all day long without having my settings changed. Perfect.
Much appreciate your feedback.

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