Waves Central Not Opening (V13) (Mac mini) (Monterey)

Mac mini 2020

I moved my OS from the internal drive to an external drive for storage purposes.

Everything from my old drive moved onto my new drive.

All my plugins seem to work fine, EXCEPT my Waves plugins.

SO I try to open waves central but it gives a message that says:

“Waves Central has run into some issues
Please note your MacOS account name is different than the name of your ‘home’ folder.
This can happen if you have changed your account name manually.
To avoid installation issues, it is highly recommended that you create a new MacOS User account & launch Waves Central again”.

No clue what that even means.

I moved my licenses from my internal drive to my external drive already (from the old OS)
but still no luck

Hi @Therealbustillo :slight_smile:
Welcome to the Waves Forum!

Note that Waves Software is not compatible with external devices and needs to be installed on the main hard drive.

If any more assistance is needed, I advise you to contact the Waves Tech Support for assistance! :slight_smile:

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