Cannot install Waves Central

Hi guys,

I wanted to install a plugin and therefor I had to download waves central. I’m a Mac user and after I downloaded it I wanted to put waves central in my applications and then there came a automatically pop-up in which they ask me to move to applications folder (if I press “do not move” it doesn’t open either).

So I pressed “move to applications folder” but then there opened another pop-up (“waves central could not be put in the trash folder because it cannot be delated”). And then I cannot open waves central and it´s also not part of my applications…
I installed it many times again, restarted my Mac and also did a new system update but there is still the same problem and I cannot open waves central.

Does anyone have the same problem and knows how can I solve it?

Hi @hans.papon98 welcome to the Waves Forum :slight_smile:

Waves Central (V12.0.11) application is Officially Supported on OS X 10.10 and above macOS.

As we are not aware of such issues, please contact our TechSupport team to advise according to your setup.

Did you get this solved? I am having the exact same issue!

Thank You.

Hi @hans.papon98 welcome to the Waves Forum :slight_smile:

If still running into an issue installing Waves Central latest version, please consult with our Tech Support team using this link.

They will gladly assist and be able to advise properly according to your exact setup.

One thing I’d do is make sure that what you drag over and gets put int to the Apps folder isn’t an “alias”… Shortcut in Windows terms.

Because that would only be a link to the original version on the disk image you downloaded and with Central running you won’t be able to delete or “eject” the disk image as Central would need it to run.

So first thing, make sure its apple copy that gets put in the Application folder. It won’t have a tiny little arrow in the bottom left corner if that is true.

Another thing to try is going to View > Show Toolbar, and drag it over to the Applications folder form there. It should appear in the sidebar when it pops up. If its not there go to Finder > Preferences > Sidebar and click the checkbox next to it.

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