Waves central can’t open

I use MacBook Pro 13 . Version is Monterey 12.0.1.
I was Installed the waves central but can’t open the application. And nothing happened to show me what’s wrong. I had reinstalled and reboot many time but it’s not work ! Any solutions to help me🙏🏻Thanks

Hi @jelly3228 welcome to the Waves Forum :slight_smile:

If Waves Central will not open on your main account, I suggest that you open a new Admin user account on your Mac, and try to launch Waves Central there.
Any changes that will occur on the new user will affect the main user, and you should be able to use the plug-in on your main account.

In case you need further assistance consider contacting our stellar Tech Support department :sunglasses:

Just make sure you give it permission to access your folders or disk if it asks for it, otherwise it won’t work. On some occasions, this move has been known to work…

  • Quit your software
  • Open either Activity Monitor or Task Manager
  • Kill ‘WavesLocalServer’ and/or ‘WavesPluginServer’ I forget what its called, both maybe
  • Go to /Users/User/Library/Application Support, on PC its Probably in that User App Data folder
  • Delete ‘Waves Audio’ folder & re-launch

This tends to help with some issues that are related to upgraded plugins trying to read older data. Sometimes a cache delete & rebuild is handy in the case of AudioUnit issues.

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