V13 Waves Central Will Not Install, am I missing something?

My apologies, I think this may have been covered over and over but I need clarification. I have a new Mac Mini M1 Silicon running Monterey. I usually open Logic natively but have the option of using Rosetta if I need to. So I decided I needed a Waves plugin today and bought it, and of course I have to install Waves Central V13. And, yes you guessed it, no matter what i do it will not install, so now I’m endlessly researching whether it will install or not, and I am totally feckin CONFUSED! Will it or won’t it. I cant choose ‘open with Rosetta,’ there is no option to do that.
Any ideas would be appreciated, or i bought this damn plugin for nothing.

Macos gets more and more restrict with every version, the red words in your screenshot tell you have an access rights issue.

Search in this forum for “Cant open Waves Central on mac” and scroll down to the post of Urib, maybe this is of help.

(sry, apparently I’m not able to insert direct http links here …)

Thanks. I called waves technical department and after half hour of remote attempts to install it was a no go. So we had to set up a new user and it installed from there and works. So it’s a bit of a hassle but at least we got it functioning, which was a struggle. Yes, it was and is an access rights issue. Thanks for your reply.

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