Waves Central Non Responsive

Hi Fellow Wavers!

I’m a noob at using Wave Central v11, and have run into a dilemma validating my new plugs.

WC loads and displays my new plugs that I just bought, however when I select them to
authenticate and make active, the activate button (not greyed-out), doesn’t activate the files.
The button doesn’t launch the process, nothing happens at.

I made sure to select my target device etc., and the radio buttons next to the files light up
as expected. But, after that, nothing happens. Dead. I’ve also read thru the majority of the help files here, but didn’t find anything specific related to my problem. One help file said
WC11 is compatible with Win7 and up. I suspect my system is not compatible with WC11?

Here’s my system run down:

Win7x64 Pro SP1
8g ram
1 terabyte SSD
2.4g quad core i7

Any clue to help me get started, will be greatly appreciated!

Hi @fatharock and welcome to the forum,

Waves Central V11 is supported on Win 7, but V11 plugins are supported in Win 10 and up. You can install V10 software which is supported on Win 7 to work with your V11 licenses.

That being said - this is not the reason you are experiencing this issue.
Please contact Support at your convenience and they can assist in working this out.


Hi Yishai,

I guess it’s time to leave Win7 and upgrade then.

Also, for some unknown reason, WC11 did authenticate
my plugs after re-boot; so all is good.

Thanks for your help and prompt support!


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