Can't activate new plugins

Weird thing here. I just installed 3 new plugins and of course they aren’t working so I re-installed. They never would activate and I can’t seem to activate them. They don’t even appear in my “Licenses” section of Central at all. My other plugins are listed as activated under “Connected Devices” not these. They aren’t listed under “Not Activated” either. It says there are “4” plugins in this section but the list doesn’t populate so it’s like they aren’t here at all. What’s the deal?

Hi @sfm,

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Looking at the image you attached I see you have the view option set to show V13 Plugins. Try and change the view option to show all or V14 to see your new licenses.

I see you have already reached Support for assistance, so If you are still unable to see them, I am sure our Techies will be able to solve the issue.

Let us know how it went.

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EDIT: Okay they were under the V14 list. But they are installed as V13. I just activated the V14 to the same location the others are successfully activated in (USB). I open Cubase 5 and I still don’t see the new plugins. I have every possible plugin path set and nothing. My new plugins, installed as V13 show under activated now but as V14. I suspect this is a problem but have no idea how to resolve this. There has been no place to activate them as V13.

New products you buy will always be the latest V14 Licenses, if you own an older system that requires a previous installer you can download the Legacy installer from here.

V14 is backward compatible and will work with previous Waves installers as V13 software.

It is important to mention that Cubase 5 is not supported with Wave’s products’ recent versions(it was way back in V6/V7) as it is pretty outdated.

This does not mean it won’t work but might limit tech support in solving issues if they persist.

So if I have this right, my existing plugins continue to have V13 installers in Central 14.1.1 but the ones I just bought do not? This is all really confusing. It seems like it shouldn’t be this confusing.

Okay looks like the V10 is the version that works for me. I had installed them and they didn’t work so I did a clean up and reinstalled and everything is working.