Move license from V12 to V10

Hey Guys,

New to waves. Downloaded v12 central and bought a load of plugs. Realised my win7 is only compatible with v10 so downloaded that legacy version and the legacy plugs. However, they do not show as activated and have no licenses. It seems the licenses are all assigned to the v12 versions, any help for moving the licenses

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Hi there @STEYOULL,

V12 licenses will activate V10 installed plugins (if the plugin/s in question exists in V10)

To check if a plugin exists in V10, scroll to the bottom of the V10 download page.

V10 Installation instructions can be found here.

Let me know if you need further assistance here

Ola Waves.I have similar problem…Besides 16 plugins V10, I have six V11 + 2 plugins V12. Bt d interesting fact: when I used V11 of F6 Floating Band-Dynamic EQ on WiN 8.1 x64 system,it worked (Cubase I think,or Ableton) without a glitch.I’m no IT expert, but on Win 8.1 I truly didn’t have any issues.
I talked to couple colleagues from States,France,India & they all say just starting thinking about all d ‘acrobatics’ needed to b done to get d plugin u paid for to work. I jst don’t understand,it says dat all plugins (new Version 11 or 12) during install (auth.+ reg.) also automatically authorise V9 & V10. Is it really so difficult to add to WCentral an option to switch d vesion. Cuz dat offine installer is bigger then 4 Gb (yeah Giga), wouldn’t it be nice to go to legacy page & download WCentral V10…I mean, like I said I will not do anykind of reinstall acrobatics cuz Waves throws out so many files all over d computer, even files from '08 & '09 (dat must be cuz of v9 I presume). So in conclusion, I will leave it all as it is, and hope dis health situation gets at least a bit more normal, and go for new laptop.
IDK(I don’t know) why I have a paranoia, dat my plugins which are not activated dis moment,
dat I will lose them.
Take care guys, and I wish all of us a virus-free year 2021.

I have the same problem here, just bought 3 v12 plugins installed, then uninstalled them, installed the legacy v10 plugins now Waves central shows v10 installed but not activated. it shows v12 plugins activated but not installed. How to get it to activate the v10 ones?? support taking aages

The way i solved was delete all the waves installers and folders. Download the legacy software (big file). Then disconnect from the internet. Install everything. Check it works in cubase 6, then shut computer down. Then I reconnected internet and it worked as normal.

Did this help anyone else? I am having the same issue trying to get my new V12 licenses to activate V11 plugins. I have successfully installed the plugins, but can’t get Waves Central to consider them “Activated” even when keep my computer offline. Has anyone found a solid solution to this yet?

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