Waves Central Log In Screen Simply Not Responding

Hi would really appreciate some help. I’m trying to get in to Waves Central V 10 (have also tried the V9 L version) to re scan licenses on a usb. Occasionally Pro tools asks me to do this and have never had problems before with this exact set up.

Now for some reason when I click on manage licenses in Waves Central the log in screen will not respond when I type my details in (it just refreshes and bounces back… no message). I reset password to be sure and all works on the site but not through waves central.

Has anyone experienced this lack of response without any error message? The latest version of central won’t operate on my OS but that’s what the legacy versions are for right?

(Mac OS10.12.6 with good reason : )

Contacted tech support yesterday but trying to manage mix deadlines and really hoping someone may have had a similar experience/work around.



Hi @labcoatman,

Welcome to the Waves Forum.

In order to run Waves from a 10.12.6 OSX computer, you will need to first activate your licenses on to a USB computer from a supported computer, that’s able to run the latest Waves Central version as instructed in the next article.

To install V9/V10 simply download the offline installer you require from our Legacy versions in the Downloads page, and follow the step-by-step instructions.