Central no longer supported ALL sessions wont open now


Often get the message that no licences are found and have to place my usb with the licences into another laptop computer with central to get them working again.

This has been a pain but always manaaged to get them working after 20-30 minutes.

Now the new version of waves is not compatible with my OS and i can’t upgrade my OS its a macbook pro 2012 running various sowtware i need??

Seems it won’t work on Mojave now.

So im expected to go and buy a new computer to get my £5k of plugins to work and get my sessions running again.

Or is there another option to get them authorised now and in the future when this seems to happen every few weeks


Hi @chris7,

Welcome to the Waves Forum.

As long as your licenses are compatible with your current OS/DAW this should be no problem.

Mojave will require a specific version of Waves Central, you can follow these next steps to reinstall and download the relevant Waves Central version for your setup.

if you need assistance setting-up, you can Contact Technical Support directly and they will be happy to help out.

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