Waves not working with macOS Monterey

Hi, hope you’re well. I’ve just migrated to a Mac (shoot me) and like a complete noob I upgraded the OS to Monterey and now none of my waves plugins are working! It’s not a M1 chip, it’s a 2018 MacBook Pro, but this should be supported by waves yes?

Any help would be much appreciated!

They work fine on my Monterey MacbookPro 2018 running Monterey.

Monterey is definitely supported. Perhaps your DAW isn’t though??


Hi Simon, thanks for your reply. I’m on Ableton 11 so it should be supported. Any advise as to how to get waves plugins running?


I’m also experiencing issues with macOS Monterey vrs 12.1. The [release notes](System Requirements | Support | Waves 6) suggest that 12.01 is supported but there is no mention of 12.1. Any ideas on when will this be patched?

I should clarify, I can’t launch Waves Central to install plugins.

Hi @nathan Welcome to Waves Forum :sunglasses:,

At the moment 12.1 is not officially supported with Waves plug-ins, however, it should work fine.

In case Waves Central fails to load on your computer, I will suggest creating a new Administrator Mac user account, and loading Waves Central there.
If you will be able to install and activate your Waves products on the new account, it will affect your main account and you will be able to use the plug-ins there.

In case you need further assistance please contact our Tech Support department.

Is it a permissions thing?? Would it be possible to run some kind of “Fix Permissions” process on it to get it working again?/

If so, perhaps one of your Central devs can quacky do up a script/app and make it available to users who experience this issue??

It is hard to know exactly what is the cause on Nathan computer that Waves Central is not loading at all,
could be a permission-related issue or a possible mismatch in the operating system settings that won’t allow WC to open properly.

That’s why when encountering such an issue, it’s best to reach out to Tech Support for further investigation and assistance. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Waves plugins don’t work with Monteray 12.4 apart from De esser, stereo imager and WLM meter for me. I’m sad about it :frowning: I wonder when Waves will update them?

Hi @erolsabadosh, and welcome to the Waves forum.

Waves V13 should work just fine on the latest OS 12, In case you are running previous Waves versions that might be the reason for the missing plugins.

If that is the case and V13 is working fine on your end, while previous versions don’t, I suggest renewing the Waves update plan so you can update all to the latest V13.

I hope that sets you in the right direction :slightly_smiling_face:

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