Waves Central Asking for Rosetta installing V14 plugins

Dear Support,

I’m using a Macbook Pro M2 and trying to install my plugins using the Waves Central 13.5.3. I installed my V13 plugins without any problem, but when I try to install the V14, by selecting f.e. a single plugin (API 550 V14), I get the following message:
“Some Waves components require Rosetta, Rosetta enables Intel-Based features to run on a Apple Silicon Macs”

Aren’t the V14 Apple Silicon compatible?

It says here they are:

I don’t want to install Rosetta to my system.

Thank you!
_ Kosta

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Hi, @flyset,

Welcome to the Waves Forum.

Waves V14 plugins are fully supported in Apple Silicon processors running the following DAW’s.

You will require Rosetta if you load Waves V14 using : Pro Tools 2022.4, Reason 12,
Luna 1.2.7.

If you need further info or assistance please Contact Technical Support they will gladly help out and provide any further additional information you require.

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I’m having the exact same problem. I’m on a MBA M2.

I’m trying to avoid installing Rosetta on this machine.

The problem isn’t occurring during loading of the plugin inside an application, but before that — during the first installation attempt of the plugin itself (as shown in the screenshot).

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Hi @shubhamjoshi,

Welcome to the Waves Forum.

Since Rosetta is still required when using Waves with certain DAWs as I mentioned previously in this thread, the option to install Rosetta will be available in case required when launching Waves Central from an Apple Silicon-based computer.

Seeing your plugin work means the installation and activation were successfully completed.

If you have any doubts or still need any assistance please Contact Technical Support directly for quick assistance.

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But it is not an option, I can only choose to either Install Rosetta or Abort.

I am using latest current versions of Logic Pro in Mac M1, as well as Waves Central and plugins versions.

I don’t want other Apps messing around with Rosetta so I don’t want to install it.

But if I do not install Rosetta I cannot install Waves plugins.

In tried with several plugins alone instead of installing everything I bought, but still the same TWO options:
1) Install Rosetta
2) Abort

So it is not “optional” to install Rosetta or not, because Waves Central doesn’t allow me to do so.

This is a brand new clean wipe/install of MacOS Ventura plus Logic Pro.

I also built an “Offline Installer” but, when installing, I get stuck in the same screen.

Waves Support just told me that:

  1. I MUST install Rosetta because “Waves Central components” (not Waves plugins) need it

  2. I can NOT install Waves Plugins without using Waves Central, so I MUST install Rosetta

I am waiting for escalated response I should receive via eMail according to the Waves Support Agent.

Just a note, nobody told me I MUST install Rosetta when I bought a lot of Waves plugins that didn’t need Rosetta as advertised, and the difference between “some components” vs “some plugins” is HUGE NOW, so it requires a much detailed description in any advertising that I did not get, even more if it is an ESSENTIAL “component” which you cannot avoid installing, a component that is required by Waves Central installer itself, a component that FORCES you to Install Rosetta if you want to be able to INSTALL plugins that do not need Rosetta.

I sincerely love how easy and smooth the Waves Central installer is, until I noticed I can use it for almost everything without Rosetta, except for installing Waves plugins (which turns out they do not need Rosetta).

So… I have a lot of money “parked” in a lot plugins (which I still do not need) and I will not use because I will not install them if I need to install Rosetta.

This is very disappointing, I know its not their fault but man the fact i returned my Mac Mini M1 a week after i bought it in December 2021 because of all this “download rosetta”and compatibility stuff then waited almost a year and a half to finally last week purchas a Mac Mini M2 32GB RAM 2TB SSD thinking we were past all this makes me sad. Same issue with Solid State Logic & Plugin Alliance. I guess I’m going to just use logic stock plug-ins because I’m not doing this rosetta nonsense

I didn’t ever consider returning my Mac Mini M1, because it pays itself overtime, so I in fact I bought it for free just by not using my previous system, because it uses less power than a flashlight and it’s powerful enough to do crazy things with sound and music, and I indeed returned other Apple products very much disappointing, expensive and not worth it IMO.

BUT so far I didn’t need Rosetta (Intel-compatibility software) UNTIL installing WAVES plugins.

I already installed this software without installing Rosetta at all:

  • UVI

  • WorkStation

  • Falcon

  • Samplers


  • ObjeQ Delay

  • Chromaphone

  • Lounge Lizard

  • Multiphonics

  • String Studio

  • Strum GS

  • Ultra Analog

  • MOOG

  • Moog Model 15

  • Animoog Z

  • Model D plugins


  • Logic Pro

  • Alchemy

  • Sculture

  • Klopfgeist

  • ES1

  • ES2

  • EVOC 20 PS

  • RetroSynth

  • Sampler

  • many more


  • Reaper

  • still installing software after a clean/wipe of my computer

  • I’ll update the list as I keep installing to give special credit to the ones that do not need Rosetta at all

  • there are still many plugins on my queue to be installed, free and paid

I am not blaming anyone, but it is not my fault either.

I would like either:

  • a fix or update to be able to install plugins somehow without the need to install Rosetta, even more when the plugins themselves do not need Rosetta according to Waves
  • being able to transfer my licenses without ABUSING fees over REGULAR price
  • a refund, because I didn’t see any notice regarding Rosetta requirements when I paid my V14 Waves plugins licenses with native Apple Silicon compatibility, and I use to read carefully everything related to Apple Silicon native compatibility

Same here. MBP M2 Pro. I was about to purchase Magma Strip Channel (V14) but I changed my mind and downloaded the demo first. Waves Central requests to install Rosetta (or abort) and I don’t want to. I hope when they fix this, the price of the plugin is still the same. I was really interested.