Waves V14 requires Rosetta (on Apple Silicon Mac) despite being advertised it's not

Hi everyone! I’m sorry if this issue were discussed previously. I just bought a pack of Waves plugins (V14) and for some reason Waves Central says in order to run them on my M1 MacBook Pro I need to install Rosetta despite being advertised all new Waves Plugins are now run natively on Apple Silicon Macs. I’m using the latest Ableton Live (11.3) and I really don’t understand why I have to install Rosetta. The whole thing looks like a scam to me honestly :frowning:

The installation process for Waves plugins and applications on Apple Silicon computers requires Rosetta, even if the plugin or application you wish to install is supported natively on Apple Silicon.

Note that you will not require to run your DAW using Rosetta meaning the plugins are running natively as mentioned.

The information above is available on our System Requirments page in case you missed it.


Nobody understands it, nobody agrees, and nobody in Waves seems to care about refunding or fixing.

This was known already since v13 plugins back in 2021 as there is another similar thread.

But I didn’t miss any “requirements” when I paid so much money, it’s just that nobody can even use Waves v14 plugins on arm if they do not install Rosetta for running non-native code, because nobody can even install Waves plugins if they don’t have Rosetta installed, and I don’t want to install Rosetta, as the plugins were advertised as native.

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Waves Central v14.5.2 is now available

Central now requires Rosetta only when installing products that require it.

This means Rosetta will be required only when installing : StudioRack, Cosmos, Key Detector.

All other Waves plugins will not require Rosetta to install them.

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