Waves Central 11.0.55 Hangs PT if SSD Connected

Hey everyone,

Since updating Waves Central today to 11.0.55 I am no longer able to launch PT or Waves Central if SSD drives are connected *PT will hang as soon as it tries to load WaveShells. As soon as I disconnect those drives PT and WC both launch without issue. If I pull all WaveShells out of my plugins folder, PT will launch with SSD drives connected.

I can launch PT without any drives attached, then launch a Waves plugin, it will open fine. If I mount an SSD drive, then launch a Waves plugin PT will hang and freeze.

Something has changed after this update which is stopping Waves from mounting plugins if any SSD drive is attached.

Feeling frustrated.

Curious if anyone else can recreate this?


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Hi T,

On OS’s Mojave and Catalina,
The latest version of Waves Central (11.0.55 | 2020) can sometimes hang during launch or freeze the DAW when certain USB devices are connected to the computer.

We are working to fix this issue as soon as possible and will let you know once it’s fixed.

For now, use this workaround:

  1. Quit Waves Central
  2. Un-mount all connected USB devices
  3. Launch Waves Central and install/activate

In case this issue persists, please contact Tech Support.

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I have the same problem here.

This will be fixed very soon. In the meantime, as Dror mentioned above,


Not exactly the same, but I’m having similar issues since I updated to Waves Central 11.0.60 - the app freezes on startup and is intermittantly unresponsive, and anytime I launch a DAW project wtih Waves plugins in it, or try to add Waves plugins (all others are fine), it locks up for a few minutes. Once loaded, the plugins appear to work fine. Working on a mac in Mojave with no mounted USB connected volumes. Is anyone still seeing anything similar? I have tried WC repair and cache clear, as well as re-installing WC, even re-installing my OS, all to no avail.


Hi @cvon - please reach out to our support team to look in to this.

BTW - What DAW is this? is it one of our supported host applications?