Can't launch Waves Central at all (Windows 10)

Hello everyone!
I purchased a bunch of plugins a week ago. Only problem is : it proved absolutely impossible to open Waves Central on my windows 10 pc. I invariably get the following error message (Strangely, containing no Windows Error Number)

I contacted Waves’Tech Support. They asked a few questions then sent me back to talk to Microsoft so I did…and Microsoft will have nothing to do with “third party software” issues…

I spent a week eliminating all the problems suggested by the error message , one by one, (Learning a lot about the innards of Windows, admittedly, but not making music…)
The WMI is not the problem. My antivirus is not the problem. My level of access or authorization over my system isn’t the problem.

So I’m really stuck here, and a bit tired of it all, to tell the truth.

Waves Central still crashes on launch, and I find myself with almost 100 $ worth of unusable plugins which are, ha ha, non rufundable.

Anyone has an idea ?
Your help would me most appreciated !

Fabien (MB)

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That is absolutely weird.

I assume you have enough storage space available?? I also assume you’ve deactivated any antivirus software you were running?? I also assume if malware was a culprit your antivirus would have found it, when it was running of course. I also guess that it’s not a permission thing and that you’ve run disk diagnostic tools to verify the health of the OS and drive??

Assuming all that is true this is indeed a tough nut to crack. Have you tried repairing your file directory?? :thinking:

Hi @MisterBlue,
I would like to refer to this issue. Could you please share your support ticket number?

Hello and thanks for answering my S.O.S. !
Well…yes, I have already tried all the solutions you mention in your reply. And the file directory too. Everything I could think of… It just swallowed my whole last week of vacation…

Anyway, some sort of a miracle happened today :slight_smile: : I casually tweaked some things in Windows this morning before shutting everything off and heading for work…
And, back home, when I tried to install and launch Waves Central…it just installed…AND launched !
I can now access my downloads.
To be honest, I can’t really remember what I tweaked that made it all work this time. I’m not methodic. I like making music, I’m no technician…
Maybe Windows finally felt like surrendering my stubbornness.

Thank you for reaching out, Simon.
I hope you have a great day in Australia, and I hope I won’t have to bother the community again :roll_eyes:


Hello Oh , thank you very much #OdelWaves !

For some mysterious reason, Waves Central decided to install and run properly today.
I tweaked some things in Windows last night and then again this morning. It was not methodic, more like a last try before giving up.
THAT worked! Whatever it was I did right.
I wish I could remember which manip was the right one, in case there’s a next time. I already don’t .
I’m not a technician.

Anyway. Thank you for coming to the rescue and offering your help. It’s precious to know you can expect some help. And maybe it’s just the good vibes that worked this time :smile:

i also have to make it clear that Waves support never let me down. They actually had just offered to take control of my machine and try to solve the problem from the inside, just before I stumbled upon a random solution :slight_smile:

Have a great day !

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Perhaps a Windows automatic update sorted out a system issue for you?!?

It is a bit weird, admittedly. At least things are all working smoothly for you again. That’s the main thing. :grinning:

Hey man this is happening to me too and I just bought plugins for black friday and it all the sudden stopped working. So annoying. Anyway if you ever figure out what you did please please please let me know man. Thanks.

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@andrewlong518 Thanks for joining our Forum
I suggest contacting Waves tech support regarding this issue.
We would be happy if you will post the solution here afterward :slight_smile:

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After the installation, i get “Central has encountered a system permissions issue. Contact support”. It had actually worked before but now, nothing. I tried installing it on my Macbook (from work, not producing) and it works out just fine. Somehow, Windows and WC aren’t friends and i have no clue how it happened. (edit: it went all sideways before i could activate the plugin.)

I have had all of the steps explained on the Waves website, new account, fixing permission, etc etc etc.
I’m in contact with support as we speak, but nothing yet. I’ll keep updating if anything happens.

Meanwhile, all tips&tricks are more than welcome!

Are there perhaps any changes to security that may have happened recently?? I Microsoft update possibly?? How about changes to your internet??

Either way Odel is right, Tech Support is the bast place to help you get this sorted. Although consider checking their FAQ page as well…

Big ups to the Waves Support. After a few mails with trying differente approaches, a very kind employee took over my PC and got it fixed. It tool quite a while and to be honest i have no clue what actually changed. At a certain point i just couldn’t follow, which is fine, i’m not a computer technician haha.

So…if in need: contact their support. Thank you big time Waves!


Hi @tbusschers Thanks so much, it’s really great to hear!!
Could you share your support ticket number here?
I’ll try to get some info from the tech who handled the case.

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I’m having the same issue. It all started today when I upgraded my motherboard (ASUS TUF GAMING X570-PLUS) and CPU (Ryzen 5 5600x). Before that everything was working fine.
This is what I’m sending the waves support team.

"In Cubase 11.0.10, Cubase gets stuck Scanning VST3 Plug-ins. The one time it did open, it asked me to rescan my Waves plugins license, it said “No Valid Waves license found.” And when I try to rescan, it doesn’t work.

When I try to open Waves Central it gives me a message saying “Waves Central has run into some issues” Then it gives me a list of 3 things to try. Please see the link to the waves forum, as this is the exact problem I’m having. (link to this forum)

It all started today when I upgraded my motherboard (ASUS TUF GAMING X570-PLUS) and CPU (Ryzen 5 5600x) today. Before that everything was working fine.

Ableton opens but when I try to load a waves plugin it says “failed to create the VST3 plugin. The VST3 plugin could not be opened”

Wavelab opens but when I try to load a waves plugin it says, “No Valid Waves license found.” And when I try to rescan, it doesn’t work.

Any help will be appreciated. Thank you for your time."

Currently only AMD quads are supported, so this might be a bit of a tricky one to troubleshoot.


Have you tried getting contact with support at all??


Hey Simon, yes I did. Still no response. I’m emailing them again.

@TheOfficialRaySr Hi :slight_smile: thanks for joining our forum.

I suspect a license issue on your machine. Please try following the comprehensive Cubase article at this link. This will cover license issues for all your DAWS. If the issue persists, as mentioned earlier in the topic, we suggest contacting Waves support.

Thx but Waves Central won’t open. I contacted Waves. They referred me to the computer requirements. It looks like my cpu isn’t compatible. Everything was working fine before I upgraded. I am currently using the new Ryzen 5 5600x (6core) and Asus tuf gaming x570 plus (WiFi) motherboard. I’ve been using Cubase for about 15yrs now, so that’s never going to be the issue. It’s weird because all of my other plug-in companies work just fine.

I suspect Waves will be looking at 6 core support sometime soon. Although, admittedly they have a lot on their plate with Apple also dropping the M1 as well as their usual continued support for Intel chips. Not to mention having to deal with upgrading all the UIs to high-res versions. All this takes time.

I understand the uncertainty would make it harder as you don’t know weather to simply wait, or proactively go seeking another solution to your CPU problem,

I am having the same issue and Waves tech support is telling me to contact windows… seriously? windows…

Well if the problem is because the OS isn’t supporting 6-cores then that would be a totally acceptable statement o make. After all, if the OS doesn’t support it properly, then how can they?!? It’s actually the job of the OS to provide this type of functionality believe it or not.

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