Can't update to Waves Central v1, and it's making me unable to use my plugins. (please help)

Hello, I have an issue with updating waves central to the version 11.0.58, every single time I try to update it suddenly stops at 74-ish%, I launch the waves app and it loads up very fast until it hits that one point and just stops going up, I’ve tried everything, restarting my computer, my internet, reinstalling the app, it keeps having the same issue, and it’s literally making me unable to use all my plugins.

I’ve literally kept my computer running for an entire night, just to wake up and see the loading bar not changed at all, I emailed waves tech support, and they didn’t even bother to reply.

Hi @sebikotix,

I hope you are well and staying at home :slight_smile:

Please contact our support team, preferably by phone, to troubleshoot this.

You can also follow the general troubleshooting steps at the bottom of this page: