I can't use Waves Central!

    Since I last opened Waves Central, it automatically updated to version 11.0.55, and I can no longer open it. Each start will stay in the blue reading bar of the start screen. There will be two more processes named wle in the terminal, and the CPU consumption of these two processes is relatively large. If you force these two processes in the middle, you can enter Waves Central. But at this time in Waves Central, I couldn't do any installation, either online or offline. I was prompted "An unexpected error has occurred, please contact Waves Tech Support".
    I wanted to buy a plug-in during the Valentine's Day event, but I can't even open Waves Central now. I'm distressed. What should I do?

If this is still going on, please contact support. they can help identify the issue and sort it out if your system is supported.

  1. Quit Waves Central
  2. Un-mount all connected USB devices
  3. Launch Waves Central and install/activate

this work for me
best wishes

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Hi, I had the same problem, and disconnecting a USB device from my computer “solved” the issue; however, I don’t really see this as a solution? Since upgrading to V12, any projects that use Waves plug-ins will not load unless I disconnect my USB drive, which contains samples required for that very project! This is creating an impossible state in which I either can use Waves plugins or have access to my sample library.

Can anybody point me to a better solution to this? I don’t understand why having a disk mounted on my machine that doesn’t concern Waves at all changes how this software behaves.

Edit: One other thing that happens during this issue is that dangling wle processes will take up 100% of my CPU even if I force quit Waves Central (I’m on MacOS)