Warnings for Interactions that can Kill Audio and End Career

I was on a wonderful gig using WSG w/ a M32 a couple weeks ago. As I was going from the Setup page and trying to navigate to Rack 1 I missed pretty big, twitched a little and accidentally double tapped the Inventory Port option (Item #7).
This uh, killed all audio and unfortunately Waves took a significantly longer than usual time to reboot. Luckily the band was able to get 42/45 minutes of their set time and were understanding; however, it was one of my favorite acts I’ve mixed to date and I was bummed it ended like so.
While I’m new to Waves. I feel like any operation that could potentially get you axed from a gig should have a warning w/ a confirmation box.

Other than that I was very pleased on my second drive w/ WSG

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