Greetings everyone!

Hey guys! I’m a bit late to the party. I’ve been working on a couple projects…

My name is DJ Ave Mcree and I’m a producer/engineer from Atlanta Georgia. I’m excited about the new forum and willing to contribute as much as humanly possible :slight_smile:


Hi, Ave.
My name is Ken Nilsen, from Fredrikstad Norway.
I try to make music as best I can, and not too bothered which genre it ends up as :sunglasses:
All the best.

Hey guys… I’m always late to things, but usually the last to leave, :upside_down_face:


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Hello, everyone :slight_smile: I’m a new Waves user :slight_smile: I deal with DJing, remix, my main DAW programs are Ableton Live and Acid Pro.I work a lot on studio sets at Ableton Live.I have currently purchased one Waves Gold + RenMaxx package Center, Abbey Road Studio 3, Infected Mushroom Pusher, L3-16 Multimaximizer, OneKnob Filter. Ultimately I’m going to the Diamond or Horizon package.What does it look like for you?What plugins do you use most often to create studio sets, what mastering tools?etc…
Mariusz (Poland)

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I’m afraid I can’t comment myself @Killernoizz because I actually don’t own them. I dare say shout that it will be a worthwhile invest meant.

At worst you’ll be just paying to update your WUP, but I can’t see that happening. There is bound to be a few things in their that you will find of value. Quite possible a few best kept secrets. I felt that way about NLS when I originally got it, but now the word has been out for the last 5 or so years, it’s not really a best kept secret any more.

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Thank you for your comment, you can perhaps broadly define what you meant by writing it.I know you can also find free vst plugins for my needs and work with audio.However, it seems to me that Waves offers good quality compared to similar software in the free version.But in relation price - possibilities and the end result, they are unrivaled.I have to read about their support from the VLO … because I haven’t explored this topic yet.

What I mean is there is generally something in these bundles for everyone. So you should find good value in whatever plugins you find the most useful.

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