Waves Central, Native Linux support

The Linux audio world is growing and since my favorite DAW Reaper has working Linux support I dared the jump to use Linux as my main OS (mainly because of awesome JACK audio) and so far there is always some workaround to get audio plugins working on Linux, but sadly I did not get the job done at using Waves plugins.

I request Waves Central to support Linux as OS, or at least some way to get your product and licences offline ported in some usable way. Maybe if Wine gets PowerShell support this is possible, but at time of writing it is not.

Since other awesome DAWs like Bitwig or Qtractor gets more popularity I am sure I am not the only one looking forward to use your plugins on Linux systems.


Totally agree with this; I miss having my Waves plugins usable on my Linux desktop.

Any plans in the pipeline, Waves?

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I would also love to see this, especially given how terrible Windows 11 is shaping up to be.


would have been crazy if we had Waves plugins in our Liux daws. Please fix this Waves central or find another way?

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Fix that central. Is it so difficult? I would buy all of ur plugins!

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Totally agree. I am stuck with Wine, which does not work. Love the E Channel

Would like this too. Anyways, one might dream.

I’ll take it a step further. I would love to see Super Rack and LV1 running on Linux. Windows is a pretty heavy platform to run this software and it’s getting more bloated with every release. With Linux you could have an ultra streamlined purpose built system optimized for the task. Just like the SoundGrid servers.


This is free money people are turning down out of fear/laziness :frowning:

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Let’s do this, Waves! Come on!

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When Waves moved from Mac Classic to Mac OSX, I thought Linux was right around the corner. That was 18 years ago.

So many of us use Linux. I literally only boot to Windows if I need Waves.

APT and Flatpak packages preferable.

I moved from windows 11 to Linux and the only thing I’m missing is some of my waves plugins. All my other brand’s plugins work great, it seems to be only waves plugins that don’t work with wine. You’re quickly going to fall behind the curve without Linux support, either native or using wine.