Vocal Rider Process with Logic Pro x

So, I’m using Vocal rider in Logic Pro x. I have written automation with no problem. To do that, I inserted VR on the lead vocal track, then sent all the other tracks to an aux and selected that aux in the sidechain menu in VR.

Now that the automation is written can I remove the Aux and VR insert from the vocal track? I’m noticing that the Aux is causing my master to be like a couple db’s hotter and I want to stop that.

Once the automation is written you should be able to remove the Aux. That should be fine. However that automation has to be read by Vocal Rider, its not general volume automation. Simply put VR into Read mode and it will work like a vanilla Gain plugin tracking the automation data.

Something that might be worthwhile addressing though, is how you are using the Aux. If done correctly it should make no change to the overall output level. You should also be able to mute it and it would since all your music.

It sounds to me that this isnt the case, and you may be running the aux in parallel which would add to the output level. My best guess is you’ve sent your audio to the aux using the Sends instead of assigning the track outputs.

If you’d rather use the sends, you can simple delete the Aux that Logic automatically adds. That will “silence” the additional output level, but you’d still be able to assign the Bus to Vocal Rider. Thats how I’d generally approach it personally.