Using Bass Rider - Suggestions on when and where

I usually double or triple my bass tracks and then process each one differently (distortion, eq, compress, etc.) then I blend them together using a track stack in Logic. I’m wondering if I should put Bass Rider on the track stack track (think if it as a bass mix bus) thus affecting all the tracks together. Or should I use BR on each track? Or maybe use it once on the dry track and then bounce that track and use that bounced version for the other tracks as well. But if I bounce a track with BR on it, will that actually work since BR must follow the other audio, I think? Or does it not work like that?

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I love the track stacks in Logic, I basically use them for “every” element using now technique or another. It enables you to keep things self contained in their own little ecosystem and makes for easy stemming. Actually all these go through their own submix as well before being passed to the master.

Anyway, in light of what you’re doing with Bass Rider, you could always use it for both?!?

Put them on your individual tracks for a little level management before the different processing you do, then one on the Stack for some more level management and conform those elements together more consistently and become more cohesive as a unit.

The trick to make it work would be not to be too aggressive with any of your settings.
Just shave a few db off at a time.

Thanks for the input here, Simon.


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